A New Beginning - For Astrology and Life
ATTENTION: Slow down and take 20 minutes to watch this video. My decades of experience can put you on the fast track to Vedic astrology, and deeper spiritual understanding. You are at a crossroads, with new possibilities.
"You Believe in Yourself, But You Do Not KNOW Your Self". It is time to know your Self. I Guarantee Your Success.

* You are meant to know Vedic astrology.
It is not just fortune-telling or something that can help you live a happy life. Whether you become a Vedic astrologer or not is not the point. Vedic Astrology is the study of HOW and WHY you incarnated and HOW the Cosmos works.

* Yes, you can do it
It is not too complicated for you. I know you believe that, but I will prove to you that it is just not true.

Navigating the overwhelm and “data gathering” mindset you are stuck in with astrology. I call it the “Snacking Behavior”. (You must learn astrology correctly. Spend the same amount of time going deep.)
* TikTok and Instagram Culture has made it so people cannot focus for more than about 30 seconds, if that. So, please RIGHT NOW - FOR YOUR SAKE - SLOW DOWN and take at least 20-30 minutes to take this in! Your future is at stake.

DUMBED DOWN: Everyone is a "Professional Vedic astrologer" 
* Sadly Vedic astrology has become  a "cool" thing to be. As such it has become saturated with TikTok and Instagram experts everywhere, that think they are ready to teach others. I am not trying to rain on others parade, just to tell you that there is a reason why experience matters, in this area. More than 200 paid readings a year for 20 years. Teaching thousands of students in this Certification course - with my work validated at the highest level even now. You deserve to know this as a fact. I hope people are not offended to hear it, but I need to say it. l care more about you, the student, than protecting hurt feelings.   

What is the P5 System?
"The System" is Everything
Anything you have ever learned, or learned correctly happened because there was a SYSTEM in place. After
close to a decade of certification courses, and more than a decade of full-time teaching, I decided to formally name the astrological method that I have been using / teaching and perfecting since I began my full time practice in 2004.

I decided to name it the “P5 System”.
What is the P5 System?

It stands for:

  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • Principles Stacking
  • Priority and Sequence
  • Practice with Peers

These 5 "P’s" are the "pillars" of any effective learning system.

Purpose - First you need to know the reason you are practicing astrology. This purpose is closely related to the reason you are alive. Lacking the sense of purpose your life will be confusing and you may drift between meaningless interactions with people, work and other experiences. That's why I put a lot of importance on describing “what is astrology”, “what is life”, “what is the purpose behind anything”. After you answer these questions your relationships improve, your work improves and a sense of peace settles into your life. Many try to learn astrology with a confused life purpose. In that case, astrology itself can be confusing to you, and actually deepen your lack of purpose. This is quite common nowadays, where people see astrology as "fortune telling" and as a way to fix their problems. So, the first part of the P5 method is to reconnect to a sense of purpose and connect that to astrology.

Principles - Once you get clear about the purpose of astrology, and life, and see the connection between the two, you need to get clear about the universal principles of astrology. These necessary building blocks give you enormous confidence, because you are able to break things down to "bite-size chunks" that are easily comprehensible and digestible. Overwhelm is one of the biggest problems you can have when you start to learn astrology, or any subject. Karma, the elements, the planets, the Signs, the evolutionary principles - the same spiritual principles of life must be your focus at first. Then, you can refer those things back to the higher purpose.

Principles Stacking - Next, you need to stack those principles on top of each other. When you do this your astrological (and life awareness) skyrocket and you make swift and rapid progress in those areas. It's at this point you begin to see enormous growth and change, as you begin to feel in your bones 
how anger and frustration evolves into discipline (Mars). How fear evolves into concentration and awareness (Saturn). This growth, wisdom and progress is then passed on to those in your life, your loved ones, your clients your career and relationships. The evolution of your actions (fire) and wealth (earth) and principles (Jupiter) are examples of principle stacking.

Priority and Sequence - After you correctly use these principles, to understand the basic mechanics of the chart, then you need to prioritize those principles and deploy them in the proper sequence. You use "priority and sequence" in your life all the time, with things you do successfully. Imagine trying to make an omelette, but doing things in the wrong order or in the wrong measure. Imagine dumping 5 teaspoons of salt in the pan first, then stirring it with a fork, then turning on the burner, then cracking the egg. YUM! Guess what, when I hear most people talk about astrology, this is how it sounds to me. After a while, those strange approaches will jump out at you also. This is really the secret sauce to the subtlety and nuance necessary to be a great astrologer.

Practice with Peers - lastly, you need to practice these methods, in a safe environment, with others who have learned the same systems and who understand the science. There's no substitute for the "Satsang" or "gathering of the wise", especially when you first begin to learn a complicated science like astrology. That's why the certification course, and in all my courses, I set up an exclusive member forum for you. So, you can relax and rest assured that all of your questions will get answered, either by me or other trained teachers.

Focus on Universal Principles First
The reason the P5 Astrology system works so well is because it focuses on the Universal principles, just like every other Science. For example, the rules of architecture work regardless of culture, system or anything else. If you do not honor the rules of architecture, the Universal Law of Gravity will crash your house to the ground.

Similarly, if you do not know the Universal laws of astrology (and all metaphysics), the Universal Law of Karma will crash your life in no time. The reason so many astrologers are not good astrology teachers is because they are not teaching from a foundational point of view, focusing on the Universal principles.

Here are a few of the most important Universal Principles:

  • The planets themselves as karakas (Gods)
  • The 3 Gunas (body/mind/soul)
  • The Five elements (Earth/water/fire/air/space)
  • The 4 Purusarthas (Dharma/artha/kama/moksha)
  • The Castes (Brahmin/Kshatriya/Vaishya/Sudra) 
  • Gender - Inner and outer (Masculine / Feminine/Neuter)
  • Modalities (Moveable/Fixed/Dual)
  • Natural Benefic / Malefic
  • Functional Benefic / Malefic 
  • Gentle / Cruel 
  • Yogas (Sambandha - connections)
  • Planetary Order
  • Nature of Houses
  • Astronomy
  • Visual / observational phenomena

These frameworks not only underpin Vedic astrology, they underpin all metaphysical systems the world over, and they always have. This is why there are so many Western astrologers, and metaphysicians from other disciplines, who take my courses. Given the heavy emphasis on these common frameworks, yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners find this certification course to be stellar.

But even if you are a beginner, the frameworks can be easily grasped, then each planet, sign, house and principal is simply "hung" on that framework.
For instance:
Aries is Rajasic (passionate), fiery,  masculine, ruled by Mars, Cardinal, large, quadruped
Scorpio is Tamasic (protective), watery, feminine, ruled by Mars,  fixed, Slender, insect.

Both signs are ruled by Mars, yet we can see specifically how they are different from each other, and how they are alike. This is systematic and flawless. Using these frameworks correctly allows you to simply state each principle, and untangle their meanings for yourself and others. Of course, this is a simple example. But all of astrology functions on the complexity of these simple building blocks.

By the way, as was said,  these are the same principles that underpin medicine, architecture, music and anything else that we can master at a high level. Things become complicated when we become disconnected from their component qualities and the Universal principles that create it.  
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The "Live Your True Nature" Certification Course takes classical Indian methods and protocols and organizes them into a unique mix of research and methodologies. I use “Principle Stacking and Prioritized Dynamic Sequencing”.
  • Principle Stacking is used after you identify the correct principles (Gunas, elements, 4 Purusarthas, Masculine and feminine, castes, etc) then you stack them by comparing and contrasting. Seeing when a certain principle is strengthened/reinforced or weakened/contradicted, etc. For example, a Rajasic planet (Mercury or Venus) may be in a Sattwic Sign (Like Sagittarius or Cancer).. what that "stack" mean? And that is just 2 attributes. Once we learn the principles, then as we stack them, that is what you say when you interpret the indicators.  
  • Prioritized Dynamic Sequencing is when after you stack these principles to interpret a planet in a sign, or something else - then it needs to be Prioritized, relative to what is being assessed, in a Dynamic way (we could be assessing this attribute relative to a house, a sign, a Dasa, career, aspect, etc) and it needs to be in the proper Sequence, both in the specific interpretation being done AND overall for the person and their life. 
  • Not as complicated as it sounds - but still you need to adhere to a system, and not just pulling on random threads and details is random order. 
  • These 2 "tools" keep you on track, even keeled, and intelligent - so you are not exaggerating and "judging" the karma/person - but instead you remain as a witness, interpreting the situation.

This is the best way to read astrology charts consistently and connected to your place in the Cosmos.”
  • The course itself is a series of assignments, templates and strategies, broken up into 1-1.5 hour long Video lessons with an audio version and an electronic manual to follow along with.
  • You get instant access to all of those lessons, as well as many bonus courses to supplement the course material. 
  • The certification course material itself is broken up into 5 modules, with mostly 6 classes per module.
  • Each lesson has been carefully organized to build on the previous lesson, so you can learn astrology systematically and not get overwhelmed.
  • There is self-check homework to make sure you are learning correctly.
  • There is a discussion forum (for FULL ACCESS Members).
  • There are monthly Zoom video calls (for FULL ACCESS Members).
  • All material is available immediately, so you can go through at your own pace.
  • You can take the exam after 6 months and be certified.       
Why is this program different?

21st Century Learning Model
If you were to hire me to teach you privately, I would give you the exact same lesson plans, in the exact same order that you are getting in this course. Yet, how much would it cost you to hire me to be your personal tutor?  I will tell you that answer, at least 100.00 / hour. I will be putting in at least 70 hours on your behalf - which means even at half the rate, these classes are worth at least $3,500.00 realistically.

Technology allows us to accomplish the same thing, with online video and communities, the same information, personalization and attention to detail is possible - and I am able to pass on enormous saving to you.

Mentorship and One Consistent Voice 
Vedic astrology and all ancient, dharmic cultures have a tradition of personal mentorship that has been broken in this modern era, due to "organization sponsored" online learning. Although it may seem fun and exciting to get a lot of different viewpoints while learning, more often than not a "too many cooks spoil the stew" metaphor applies - as teachers are at different levels of expertise and use different approaches. 

The "one teacher this week, another teacher the following week" idea may be good for the teachers, but the students are often bewildered about who to listen to. If you have learned from my free videos and courses, let me take you through the whole system.

Community, Forum and Live Class Combination 
This revolutionary learning model actually  Improves the One on One Teacher / Student experience  - at least for the introductory / initiatory classes, I truly believe it is an improvement. Here is why.
1. The video class allows you to look me directly in the eye, as I teach in an uninterrupted flow, and it allows you to rewind my direct transmission as many times as you need in order to understand.
2. After digesting these direct transmissions and pondering them, THEN you get to ask questions in the forum, just using the typed word. You also get to see the questions and conversations of others, and me answering them AND you can also answer and engage in the forum yourself - which gives you confidence to speak about these things (something that would not happen if it were just you and I together.
3. Then after a few weeks of video and forum we convene for live calls to discuss what may still be confusing. 

Material Taught at the Correct Pace
We have all been there before. We go to a conference, take in 6 classes in a day and then we do not remember anything we learned because it was just too much information. Our mind needs time to digest the information we gather, and reflect upon it - or else it will not get integrated. This weekly online learning format allows you to learn in a natural way - so you are not overwhelmed. Homework assignments and constant dialogue in the forum also keeps you up to date and makes sure your questions get answered. 

More Affordable - More Accountable
I am an independent teacher and practitioner - not an "organization" so I do not have any loyalties to anyone but you, the student. I do not have any teachers I need to pay or overhead to maintain / secretaries to pay (actually I do, but I am able to handle that). The bottom line is this. I run my business very efficiently, so I am able to keep things lean and pass those savings on to you. 

This also means that I am more available, accessible and accountable to you at every turn. You are studying with me, dealing with me as if we were neighbors. This is how I see it. I always ask myself "is there a way that I can make this more affordable, easier and better for the students", and when I find a way, I just do it - rather than having to slough through the bureacracy of an organization.


Your Weekly Learning Ritual
Each week you can digest the next 90 minute video, that I have recorded for you, based on the lesson plan and schedule detailed below. You will move together through the week's lesson - and your week's manual. You will watch this at your leisure and when you have the "mental space" to fit in. You will likely develop a "study time ritual" with the video trainings. 

After you have sufficiently digested the information, you will do that week's homework assignment. You will ask any questions in the exclusive member forum, and usually get an answer within 24 hours (if you have a question). You will also have the benefit / encouragement of the other students in the class, so you stay constantly connected to the teachings. 
You will find this learning arrangement to be a surprising combination of structure, consistency, autonomy, freedom, convenience and support. You will feel yourself challenged yet supported at every turn.
Then once a month we will me on a Zoom Call to discuss and stay inspired.

Revolutionary Learning Format
This course features a revolutionary online learning model that I have been developing for close to 15 years. I taught my first online class in 2004 and since then I have taught close to 15 courses. 

With the ease of online video now - our options for connection are even better than they were before. Research proves that online video is much more engaging than just audio recordings and electronic manuals. Being able to see eye to eye builds a much deeper level of engagement. Plus you can replay the videos over and over if you need to.

Audio recordings will also be provided - so you can take the classes with you in the car or for a walk.

The class format leverages the most powerful quality of each medium - so it delivers the most impact, convenience - and allows me to pass on enormous savings to you.  

In the course you will get:  

  • Access to all course material at once. 
  • Homework assignments that you check yourself. 
  • Group conference / video calls each month. 
  • Constant contact and discussions, as needed, in the exclusive members only forum.

Realize this:
Even 5-10 years ago it was not possible to deliver weekly videos that could be watched online. They would have needed to be on a DVD or a VHS tape - which was very expensive - having to manufacture and ship weekly DVD's would be insane.

Just think of how expensive 50 hours of video on DVD or VHS would cost. Now you pay for none of that, but you are still getting as much VALUE - and I still must make those videos, manuals, upload them, etc.

I am glad that I can pass on the saved manufacturing and shipping costs to you, especially since I can still deliver massive value.  


Module 1 - Introduction to Indian Science
You will learn how the ancient Vedic texts, such as the rig Veda and the other Vedas led to other groups of texts, such as the Upahishads and Brahmanas. Then, how those texts led to the Puranas ( those that explain deities such as Lord Shiva, etc.). Then, how they lead to the great classics such as the Maha Barata and the Ramaya., And how those texts eventually led to the great Vedic sciences, such as yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology.Universal principles such as the five elements, the 3 GUnas, The Chakras, Koshas, Karma and Dharma will be discussed at length, giving a large frame for the Vedic astrology practice. It is impossible to grasp the Vedic concepts without this knowledge and understanding of the history of Santana Dharma, Indian philosophy.

4 Classes - Topics Covered:
* The History of Vedic Culture and Literature.
* The philosophy of Sanatana Dharma and the resultant structures and sciences it has produced.
* The Vedic Sciences, as the formalizing of Santana Dharma into Sciences of living.
* Evolution of Vedic Astrology, from its Vedic roots / Naksatra based, to the form we now recognize.


Module 2 - Planets and Their Signs 
You will learn how the Vedic sciences, studied in the previous module, begin to form Vedic astrology.  First, we go very deeply into each planet and the signs that planet rules.Universal principles such as masculine and feminine, the gunas, elements, are reaffirmed. Also, principles unique to the astrology signs are focused on in greater depth. They include, the modalities, the castes.
There's a great emphasis on looking at "planets and signs". We are looking at charts the entire course, beginning with this module. Thus, immediately you learn how to compare Gunas, elements, modalities and motivations between planets and signs.
Other important concepts include the planetary order in how spirit takes form, exultation and debilitation points are examined in the synthesis is achieved as planets and signs are compared and contrasted with each other.

6 Classes - Topics Covered:
Week 1. General Planetary Attributes - Sun/Leo - Moon/Cancer are discussed. Confidence, connection and family or childish displays and tantrums.
Week 2. Mars and Signs are discussed. Courage and discipline or anger and hostility.
Week 3. Mercury and His Signs are discussed. Skill and flexibility or mindless stimulation and trivia.
Week 4. Jupiter and His Signs are discussed. Meaning and hope or
Week 5. Venus and Her Signs - The Seductive one enchants us all
Week 6. Saturn and His Signs - The Old man - the bringer of wisdom and truth - Keeping it real


Module 3 - Astrology Houses, Nodes, etc
You will learn the secret power and connection in the astrology houses. You will learn several important frameworks such as how "one thing leads to another", how each house is the culmination of the previous house and the origin point of the following house. You will also learn the powerful frameworks related to the four aims of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha - and how these lessons culminates and evolve through body, mind and spirit.Also, we will unpack the lunar nodes, and start to approach helps use them in the astrology chart. Also, we will begin to look at more important astronomical phenomena such as combustion and retrograde.
This module is in preparation for the purely "Vedic" methods. The course until this time has been largely teaching universal principles, that are common to all astrology systems. Beginning with module for we pitted into the purely Vedic methods.

6 Classes - Topics Covered
Week 1 - Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of Self and those Anchoring Processes
Week 2 - Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of relationship with others and the Anchoring Processes
Week 3 - Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of our relations to the universe and the Anchoring Processes
Week 4 - Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). See Rahu / Ketu Course for More Detail.
Week 5 - Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses
Week 6 - Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2


Module 4 - Vedic Astrology Methods - 1
Only now that we begin approaching the purely "Vedic" methods. At this point the course starts to get more complicated as you will actually learn how to do the calculations for planetary dignity. You will also start to learn the complex and subtle rules for house lordship.Also, we spend several weeks integrating Nakshatra's into your astrological understanding. But we go further than just rote memorization. You're taught how to actually use a Nakshatra's in chart analysis, by redoubling our efforts on the deities of the Nakshatra's and what do they trigger in their dasa cycles.
In addition, we start getting into planetary aspects and yogas. These two very important functional aspects of Vedic astrology begin to prepare us for actual chart analysis.

6 Classes - Topics Covered
Week 1- The Holistic Zodiac & 
Planets as House Rulers - 1
Week 2- The Holistic Zodiac & Planets as House Rulers - 2
Week 3- Nakshatras 1 
Week 4- Nakshatras 2
Week 5- Planetary Aspects  
Week 6- Important Yogas


Module 5 - Vedic Astrology Methods 2 
In this module you will learn more advanced applications of yogas, and how to apply them within the structure of the dashas, in conjunction with planetary transits. In addition we will begin to apply the same principles in a harmonic charts and explore more advanced concepts and yogas, such as Vipareet Raja Yogas - Neecha Banga Yogas.In many ways, this module is preparing for the level II certification course as well. There is a lot of practice and integration of the earlier modules as we look toward level two.

6 Classes - Topics Covered
Week 1 - Vimshottari Dasa Overview
Week 2 - Character and Dasa Case Study
Week 3 - Additional Important Yogas
Week 4 - Vipareet Raja Yogas - Neecha Banga Yogas
Week 5 - Harmonic Chart Studies
Week 6 - Transits and Triggering of Karmas

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You probably do not believe this. But here is what I mean. 

If you were to pay me to come sit in front of you and teach you astrology, I would teach you the exact same things in this certification course. The lessons would be in the exact same order, I would ask you to sit there and listen to me explain it to you the way I do in the course.
Then, I would give you the lessons, tell you to do the homework, then come back the following week after reviewing your questions we would do lesson number two.

This is exactly the way the certification course is laid out. However, I would charge you about $200 an hour to teach you privately.

Thus, the 40 hours of training would conservatively cost you about $8,000. That is not an exaggeration. Let's say I gave you a discount, and only charged you $100 an hour, it would be about $4000.

Plus, there would be a rigid schedule that we both would have to stick to. There will be the pressure of personal expectations, comparing yourself with a teacher rather than other students and other things. (Bonus courses, etc.)
But remember, I said it was "Far superior to one on one training". Why is it "far superior", not just cheaper? Here is why.

It is better for you to learn in a group, not one-on-one with the teacher who is much more advanced. It is better that you compare yourself with other students, not the teacher at this point.

Also, as you've already seen, the community aspect of a course like this is invaluable. Being able to interact with other teachers from the school, and other students in your class, as well as having is much access to me as you need, is the optimal learning environment for you. Also, you get to digest the material at your own pace. Speed up and slow down as you need to. Plus you have LIFETIME ACCESS and can REVIEW THE LESSONS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

So again, you lose nothing (because I would teach you the exact same lessons in the exact same order and in the exact same format if you were to pay me to do it privately). But you gain all of that access to the community – and save all of that money and time!

As you have seen, I have spent more than a decade finding the balance for you.
More affordable - Less expensive than similar courses, especially considering value.
More convenient - at your own pace, a few hours per week, you can stay up to date.
More accountable - you have unlimited contact with Sam and his senior staff.
More connected to the tradition - everything comes straight from the source texts
More clarity - one voice taking you from beginning to end, not teachers contradicting each other
More connected to the community -  you have online membership community

More opportunity for you - not only will I support you as a student and an astrology counselor, but also as a teacher.
Proven and advocated - hundreds have graduated, read their testimonials. Decades in the making. You can do it!,.. If you have a system to follow.
Guaranteed -  If for any reason you're not happy, I will refund you within 30 Days.
Available immediately -  get access to the entire course and BONUSES Right Now 
These Bonuses have been specially "Curated" to enhance the core curriculum of the Certification Course.
By itself the real world value of the course easily exceeds thousands of dollars. Yet when you add the bonuses to it, it becomes astronomical. I am am able to and ecstatic to be able to leverage the power of technology to deliver this MASSIVE value to you.

Please look over these bonuses and especially the section "Why did I add this as a bonus,..."
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The core Bonuses take the course value into the stratosphere, but the the FULL ACCESS additional Bonuses take it into the Cosmos. This is meant to give the Full immersive experience and enhance the contact to me, the community and also give even more Spiritual Guidance, resonance and connection to the history and the tradition. 
"Risk Free, Rock Your World Or Your Money Back Guarantee"

Here's How It Works: If you are really interested but not sure you can learn online, or something else like that, just give a try, and if for any reason within 30 DAYS you think it is not for you, I will give you your money back and we will still be friends. No problem, no questions asked.  100% Money Back Guaranteed.

Why am I willing to make such a guarantee?

Look, I've put my heart and soul into this, and frankly, I won't feel this is a success unless you enjoy it.

I want happy students, because I am committed to your success and I do not want people going forward if they are unhappy.

I guarantee all of my work. I think everyone should. I have never had someone ask for their money back, but I understand you may be hesitant and I want to shoulder all of that burden for you. So really, go ahead and give it a try.

But do not wait or there will not even be a slot for you.